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Awesome Tools to Manage Your Teams

Track+For project management, service desk, task management, ALM, and as a Scrum tool.

Teamdesk Help and service desk to support your customers.

Genji Perfect Scrum tool and issue tracking.

Teamgeist Mobile app to manage your tasks on the road.

Track+ ALM: Application Lifecycle Management

Track+ ALM is a powerful ALM solution.
Create and manage requirements.
Create and manage test cases.
Link requirements and test cases with the matrix editor.
Use the agile board for Scrum and Kanban.
Use the powerful issue tracking facility.
Fulfill all requirements for SIL certification.


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Magic Projects

Involve your team in project management.
Provide a top-down plan.
Let your team create a bottom-up plan.
Immediately identify conflicts.
Monitor actual project status in real-time.


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Track  project management tool
Track  task management tool

Track Your Tasks

Team management is task management. Take care of planned and unplanned items.

Track anything like tasks, to-do's, action items, bugs, agenda topics, or audit findings.
Precisely control who can access what, inside and outside your team.
Get reminded when items are due.
Quickly detect hot-spots and bottle necks.

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Teamface service desk, help desk, and trouble ticketing system

Teamdesk: Help Your Customers

Track your customer requests in a single location.
Create entries via e-mail.
Respond automatically.
Record all correspondence with the customer.
Escalate items that have not been worked on.


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Teamgeist mobile task management

Teamgeist: Go Mobile

Manage tasks and items on your tablet or phone.
Stay in touch with your team while traveling.
Use filters and cockpits like you were at home.
Delegate and follow up.
Comment on items and change their status.


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Genji: Go Agile

Track any kind of issue.
Manage your projects with Scrum.
Personal cockpits for a quick overview.
Assign and follow up on issues.
Add screen shots and attachments.
Powerful filters to see what's important.


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Track  Scrum tool

Project Tracking, Scrum Tool, Issue Tracking, and Gantt Project Management

Track+ is a web-based issue tracking and project tracking software. Track+ supports development teams in bug tracking, gives them a perfect scrum tool, but cn also serve for time tracking, help desk, ticketing system, service desk, customer service portal and project management. Track+ has an easy to use web interface. Track+ implements a number of powerful mehtods for  project and task management:  Gantt diagrams, the Earned Value method, and the Getting Things Done (GTD) method.

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