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RACI Matrix Analysis

The RACI matrix can give clues for improving organization and processes. The following table illustrates the vertical analysis:

RACI vertical analysis

Lots of R’sCan this individual stay on top of so much?
No empty spacesDoes the individual need to be involved in so many activities?
Too many A’sCan some of the accountability be “pushed down” in the organization?
No R’s or A’sIs this a line position? Could it be expanded or eliminated?

Likewise the horizontal analysis provides some insights as well:

RACI horizontal analysis

Lots of R’sCan item be broken into more specific tasks?
Lots of C’sDo all these individuals really need to be consulted?
Lots of I’sDo all these individuals really need to be routinely informed?
No R’sJob may not get done
No A’sNo personal consequence when the job doesn’t get done.
No C’s and I'sIs this because individuals/departments “don’t talk”? Does a lack of communication between individuals/departments result in parallel or uninformed actions?

The RACI matrix is a helpful tool to clarify responsibilities and ensure proper flow of information. To use it make sure it is an integral part of your project management tool chain. Keeping a RACI matrix manually synchronized with your project plan is not feasible.

RACI matrix example
RACI matrix example
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