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Leading companies use Track+

Agile and classic project management for any type of project in one power­ful tool. More dynamic projects by combining proven methods with the best of the new approaches. Scrum & Kanban task­board, inter­active Gantt diagrams, time tracking: It's all there!


Easy-to-use task management soft­ware for teams. Much more than a simple ticket system or Todo lists: Work­flow auto­mation, GTD, RACI and a multi­tude of sophis­ticated features to increase your productivity.


Web-based Scrum software and Kanban board as specia­lized project manage­ment tool for the development of software-intensive systems. With task­board, back­logs, user stories and burndown charts.


Best service for your customers with work­flow auto­mation, escalations, task tracking, delegation, SLA moni­toring and Wiki-based know­ledge base. Easy integra­tion with CRM and ERP systems.



Agile values

12 Dec 2016
by Sophie Kallenberger

Collaborative task management - the benefits

09 Dec 2016
by Sophie Kallenberger

Mobile Solution

Take your project management with you on the road! Check out Teamgeist, the Track+ mobile companion that enables your team to stay in touch while traveling.




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What others say

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"With Track+ we have found a tool that helps us to stay in control of our entire project portfolio and to quickly identify critical situations."

Thomas Vielhauer,
FID Software GmbH

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"Track+ has continuously improved over the years. I love the new user interface. I find my items quickly and whatever I want to do it goes fast and smooth."

Jimmy Darper,
Cultured, Inc.

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"In dealing with hierarchies, Track+ is simply the best!"

Michael Ernst,
Software AG

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"This software is great for developers and managers. As a project manager, the interactive Gantt chart view has become an indispensable tool to me."

Tobias Schön,

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ALM Software

Track+ ALM Software .

Project Management Software

Track+ is a superb project management software.

task management software

Task Management Software

Track+ is a  superb task management software.

Task Management and Scrum Software

Track+ is a web-based issue tracking and task management software. Track+ supports development teams in bug tracking, gives them a perfect Scrum tool, but can also serve for time tracking, as helpdesk software, ticketing system, service desk, customer service portal and as project management software. Track+ has an easy to use web interface. Track+ implements a number of powerful methods for project and task management:  Gantt diagrams, the Earned Value method, and the Getting Things Done (GTD) method.

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