Assist your customers via e-mail, phone, and web site.

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Helpdesk software: easy access for your customers

With the Allegra help desk software, your customers can reach you easily: by email , via a form on your website or by phone.

ITIL support for your processes

Allegra Helpdesk supports you in building an ITIL-compliant service management: with SLAs, automatic escalation and performance monitoring.

Integrates with ease

We integrate Allegra help desk software into your existing IT landscape, eg with integration of your customer master data, complaint management product database or an asset management system.

Integrated service and projects

Include the customer requests in your internal projects.
Rate and arrange customer requests.
Provide a complete support chain, from 1st level support to development.
Use the outstanding project management features with Gantt Charts and Scrum Boards.

Immediate reaction for your customers

Your customer will send an e-mail to Allegra automatically creates a ticket and assigns it to a team member or group, depending on keywords in the email. Your customer will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail.

If you have sent an e-mail to your customer and he answers, his e-mail will automatically be added to the process. All e-mail traffic is recorded with the appropriate process.

Automatic assignment

Based on keywords in the customer's email, you can automatically assign tasks to an editor or group. If one task remains too long, it is automatically assigned to someone else. If an editor is on vacation, the process is automatically forwarded to the substitute.

Escalate if necessary

If a request was not processed in time, you can have it escalated automatically. For example, a manager may be informed or the request reassigned. You can also send an e-mail and inform the customer about the delay. Or you automatically close inquiries that are lying around unaffected for too long. It depends on you.

Proof of achievement for your customers

Let your customer know what you have done for him. Build trust through a transparent process.
Create beautiful and informative reports that instantly make your performance transparent.