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Plan and track all kinds of tasks

Allegra helps you coordinate the work of your teams. So everyone knows what needs to be done, who is responsible and when the work is due.

Allegra   helps you use your teams more effectively since you can immediately see overloads and free capacity.

With Allegra you can not only involve your teams in project management, but also your customers and suppliers.

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Interactive Gatt diagram
Team collaboration and task management

More transparency

Allegra project management software with its RACI matrix saves you countless time consuming discussions by making transparent for everyone who is responsible for what. Allegra uses proven project and task management methods such as Getting Things Done, RACI matrices, V-Model, Kanban, Scrum, classic Gantt diagrams, and Resource Planning.

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Optimized workflows

With Allegra you can increase your teams productivity through automating standard workflows without having to program anything. Automatically reply to e-mails, reminders, escalations and approval procedures: The graphical workflow editor and the Allegra Task Engine make it easy for you to automate even complex tasks.

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Team Collaboration Workflow
Project planning

Easy planning

Allegra reduces the time required for project management activities and always gives you an up-to-date picture of the status of your projects. It supports appointment and resource planning with views for supervisors and project leaders. Overloads are displayed immediately. The critical path shows you all appointment-relevant processes.

Improved collaboration

With Allegra you save time and money because all processes and tasks are managed in a single place. Important information is distributed automatically, nothing falls under the table. Everything is comprehensible and the internal notification function allows you to drastically reduce the amount of e-mail traffic.

Scrum planning with Kanban board

Legendary support

Our products are based on more than 10 years experience. But we do not just sell you a product: we'll help you with our legendary support during installation and during operation.

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