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Track+ 4.1.4 released

2014-07-04 13:56
by Track+ Marketing
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Track+ 4.1.4 has been released

New features

  • [1877]Calendar/follow up behavior
  • [1925]Workflow editor improvement: position and line break for guards/activities
  • [2354]Choose also group(s) as To Cc, Bcc in e-mail sent from item
  • [1889]Reminder date and time
  • [2420]Configure parent item date calculation


  • [1926]How does a consulted/informed get information that he was added to an item
  • [2085]Project templates: copy projects with items, but no history
  • [2169]Filter for "Target Release" does not work recursively
  • [2172]Improve handling of user and group selection
  • [2426]Update Track+ Mylyn connector build process to have proper update site structure
  • [2444]Make the report template logos replaceable
  • [1805]Item navigator: simple grid view: plain list
  • [1866]Automail for attachment
  • [1995]Relese/Project status for subreleases/subprojects
  • [2248]Do not allow to delete a filter folder containing predefined filter
  • [2249]Export only the selected items (if any)
  • [2262]Filter's more criteria part should depend on the selected projects
  • [2283]Allow deleting of more groups at once
  • [2304]Pack some actions in item view mode in more actions
  • [2306]Verbesserungsvorschläge für Track+
  • [2310]Missing "Apply" Button in "Edit Item" window
  • [2347]Choose user level feature
  • [2391]Gantt enhancements
  • [2392]Mark current date in Gantt diagramm
  • [2393]Print Gantt diagram
  • [2394]Print item on A4 page
  • [2395]Field, screen, workflow and mail template configs derived from ancestor projects
  • [2415]Hook up a script by sending an e-mail from item
  • [2416]Warning by concurrent item edit
  • [2428]Link tab should work for new items

Bugs fixed

  • [2433]Linking in Gantt view from item in workspace at bottom to item in another workspace at top impossible
  • [2434]Switching between flat list view and Gantt view stalls system
  • [2443]Groovy scripts in online help do not compile
  • [2279]Select other group after delete
  • [2318]Login does not work sometimes
  • [2377]Deleting/configuring screens/workflows/mail templates
  • [2417]No cursor in HTML editor in clicking with mouse in IE11 and Chrome
  • [2419]IE11 problems
  • [2427]Context menu handler stops working in item navigator after Cancel button is used
  • [2439]Not editable items should not be deletable in item tabs

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