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Track+ 4.1.5 released

2014-09-01 12:06
by Track+ Marketing
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Track+ 4.1.5 has been released with many significant enhancements and new features. Here is the list:


  • [2574]Improve performance with big data
  • [2471]Force IE out of compatibility mode
  • [2472]Extend webservice interface (retrieve users, projects by name), support groups
  • [2473]Consolidate behavior when operated in a cluster/with load balancers
  • [2560]Improve registration and forgot password procedure
  • [2470]The reminder email should contain the late/due items by target date also
  • [2482]Adding/modifying a comment/attachment should modify the item's lastchange date
  • [2522]RACI columns in reminder e-mails

Bugs resolved

  • [2467]Linking items between spaces doesn't work properly
  • [2468]"Show both" in Gantt view reset after moving/changing item in diagram
  • [2479]Maintenance mode not persisted over tomcat restarts
  • [2493]Automail for more users on comment change
  • [2494]Earned value chart does not work cleanly on weeks
  • [2496]Comments are not exported to excel
  • [2501]German spell check on Editor
  • [2503]FAQ generation issue
  • [2515]Reset values for not required combos
  • [2516]Validate instant filter before execute
  • [2517]The operation mode value is not rendered correctly
  • [2519]Wrong item opened in agile board
  • [2545]Item move not allowed if issue type has no state assignments
  • [2551]Unwatch for group in My Watch List dashboard
  • [2552]"Add child" does not work if the parent field is not on the create screen


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