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Resource planning

Plan people, skills, rooms, and equipment

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Real-Time Overview

Milestone-Trend, Traffic Light, Earned Value, Burndown, Team Velocity

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Plan professionally

Plan employees, devices, rooms, and skill profiles. Consider availability and utilization by other activities and projects.


Integrate external

Let your customers and suppliers participate in the project in real time. Whether short-term requirement changes or support inquiries, everything is in one place.


Simply control projects

Keep track and control over your project. Show what you have done. offers a variety of ways to make project progress visible.


Deliver results

Good project management leads to good results. Inspire your customers and supervisors with on-time delivery within budget.


All projects at first view

With Allegra you always have the overview of your entire project portfolio. Everyone understands the presentation immediately, even without project management seminars.


Easy handling

Allegra is easy to use. You only activate the control elements that you need. So you can offer users, who rarely use the system, a fully configured interface with just two buttons, while at the same time, the the power user is getting unlocked to all, what's there.



Projectmanagement software with cockpit

The freely configurable cockpit shows you all important project information at first view. A variety of charts are at your disposal. There is a cockpit for each project, and a personal cockpit, that can provide cross-project information.


Recognize anomalies early

Allegra shows you early if there are deviations from the baseline. With the practical milestone trend analysis chart and the performance value method, you can precisely and reliably identify where there are difficulties. So you can take countermeasures in time.


Interactive Gantt chart

Using the web-based Gantt chart, you can quickly and easily create a project ­ structure ­ plan that you can keep up to date throughout the project with little effort.

In real-time you follow the progress of the project, move appointments directly in the diagram and observe how the dependent appointments are automatically moved along with them. You can have the critical path shown directly to you and compare the current plan with the baseline at any time.

You can easily switch between the Gantt representation and e.g. switch the taskboard view and use the best of the planning ­ oriented practice ­ and agile project ­ management for you.

Resource planning is easy

Allegra makes resource planning easy. You can plan people, but also skill profiles, devices and rooms. Assign resources to projects and survey at any time who is working with which tasks in which project.

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