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Plan and monitor projects with interactive Gantt diagrams

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Gantt diagram

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Plan and link tasks

The Gantt chart makes it easy to create your project plans. In doing so, you take into account task dependencies.

Base plan in Gantt diagram

Detect deviations early

You can always compare the current plan with the original baseline. So you see immediately, where something has shifted.

Critical path

Highlight critical path

By displaying the critical path, you can immediately see if a date shift affects the finish date.

progress bar

Monitor progress

Allegra uses the Earned Velue method to calculate project progress. This gives you an objective view of the project status.

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Project management with Gantt diagram software

Manage your teams and track progress with interactive Gantt charts.

Allegra project planning software has all the basic Gantt charting features and many more features for team management. Work alone or create workspaces for your teams. Define roles, assign tasks to team members, track project progress, and add attachments and comments. In addition, you can always share Gantt charts with your colleagues and customers, view and edit projects online.

Gantt chart software
Project management software for resource planning

Manage resources and estimate project costs

With Allegra Gantt chart software, you can add another dimension to your projects - resource planning. You can add resources to your Gantt charts and associate them with specific tasks. Set the cost per hour for a resource and the time spent processing a task. Based on these numbers, Allegra calculates task, group, and project costs immediately.

Too expensive? Use the Allegra Project Planning app to reassign resources and see how costs change.


Check the workload of your teams and make sure nobody is under-challenged or has too many tasks. Allegra makes it easy to assign tasks to team members based on their workload, not overburden them, and motivate them with transparency and traceable performance.

Calendar planning

User specific calendars

Customize your projects by setting up personal work days and days off for you and your team. Allegra automatically calculates the duration of your projects based on your calendars. You can define country or project specific base calendars with weekends and holidays. Each employee can report on his personal calendar his days off or additional days available.

Agile Board

Do you need new ways to look at your projects apart from a Gantt chart? In Allegra, you can switch to a board view, where each task is represented as a map in a relevant column. Our Gantt chart software gives you all the options to choose the most comfortable way to work on your projects.

Sprint planning

Comments and attachments

Work with your team using our Gantt chart software. Comment on tasks and add files to them - you do not have to switch between different tools because all important information is stored in Allegra.


You never miss anything with real-time alerts. Whether you have a new assignment or are mentioned in a task, whether a team member has made a change to a project or your task is due tomorrow - you will always be notified in good time.

Critical path and milestone trend

With the critical path turned on, you know all the tasks that directly affect your project. It also shows the shortest way to complete your plan.

With the milestone trend analysis, you can quickly see if your project is still on schedule or if there are deadline changes.

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