Project management software compared

Check the main differences between Allegra and competing products.

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We want you to make the right decision.

Therefore we point out to you the main differences to competing products.

  Allegra Asana Jira Trello Wrike
On premise/SaaS + X + X X
SaaS location Germany + X X X X
Hierarchical tasks + + X X +
Hierarchical projects + X X X X
Detailed access control + X X X X
Gantt diagram + + X X +
Resource planning + + X X +
Individual follow-up + X X X X
User interface complexity customizable + X X X X
Easy to use even for non-technical users + + X + +
Installed user base X + + + +
Gitlab integration + X + X X
Jenkins integration + X + X X
SVN integration + X + X X
Workflow engine + X + X +
Third Party Support X X + + X
Extensability via APIs + X + X X