Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)-Software

Scalable agile projects with a lightweight tool chain
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Full support for teams, programs, large solutions, and portfolios.

Across all levels

Edit features, epics, user stories, Kanban boards, and reports across levels.

Requirements management

Manage requirements at all levels and guide them through the process.

Model dependencies

Link requirements and tasks with each other and visualize the impact of changes on the process.

Team-Levels: Scrum and Kanban

At the team level, Scrum and other methods of agile project management emphasize flexibility instead of rigid rules and complex documentation. Our Scrum tool Allegra offers you everything: Task board, Sprints, backlogs, epics und user stories, burn-down charts, and team speed.

Program level: Agile becomes hierarchical

A pure Scrum tool is not suitable for more complex projects, such as the development of embedded systems; in addition to agile methods, classic project management methods must also be used for hardware and systems.

With work area hierarchies, Allegra offers you full support from the program level to the portfolio level. You've got a perfect Scrum tool and at the same time all the functions of a classic project management-software for hybrid projects.

Across all levels: Agile reporting function

Business owners, solution teams, system architects, and development teams have access to numerous out-of-the-box reports that provide powerful real-time information on the overall or partial project status. For example, at the program level, you can get an overview of the status of all features and epics that are being processed.


Portfolio and program roadmaps

With you can create an integrated program or portfolio roadmap. You can use it to track progress across teams, programs, large solutions, and portfolios.

makes it easy for you to share your plans with all project participants. In real time you have access to the aggregated status and degree of completion of all deliverables across all levels.

Create epics and user stories

In Scrum, epics and user stories are the requirements that describe the wishes of the customers. Creating and managing them is easy with just a few clicks. You can also assign entire epics to a group or an individual at the same time: Scrum Requirements Management is done intuitively and with minimal effort using the Scrum tool.

Manage backlogs, releases and sprints

You manage your user stories in product backlogs and, optionally, in release backlogs. You can weight the entries there according to the estimated business value and implementation effort, measured in story points, and thus decide what will be implemented first. The maintenance and sorting of the backlogs is the responsibility of the product owner. In the end, the owner can determine which elements are at the top of the backlog and are to be implemented next.



Burn-down Chart

In Scrum, burn-down charts help to show the progress of the project. The number of story points or user stories to be implemented and the number of those actually implemented over the period of a sprint, release, or complete product are displayed.




works closely with Gitlab. This gives you a first-class integrated solution for the entire development process, from the project management to configuration management and test management with continuous integration .


ascom task management software

More than bug and issue tracking

Automate workflows

Accelerate your processes with easily customizable workflows.

Strong filters

offers you incredibly powerful filtering possibilities with full-text search, even in attachments.

Robust APIs

Automate processes with the robust interfaces from

Integration with other tools

works with many development tools.


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