Project management for software development

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Scrum and Kanban

Scrum and other methods of agile project management focus on flexibility rather than rigid rules and elaborate documentation. Our Scrum Tool Allegra offers you everything: Task Board, Sprints, Backlogs, Epics and User Stories, Burndown Charts and Team Speed.

Agile reporting

Teams have access to numerous out-of-the-box reports that provide meaningful real-time information about their performance from Sprint to Sprint.

Plan agile roadmaps

Allegra helps you build a roadmap and track progress across teams and projects. Allegra makes it easy for you to share your plans with everyone involved in the project.

Hybrid project management

Our products are based on more than 10 years experience. But we do not just sell you one product: we'll help you with our legendary support during installation and on the fly.

Diverse integration

As a software developer, Allegra is a top tool that is superior to Jira in many ways. Integration with Gitlab, Jenkins, Eclipse, Git, Subversion, and other open source tools not only gives you project management software, but a tool chain that covers the entire development cycle. For security-relevant developments and embedded systems development, Allegra is the first choice.

There are almost always alternatives

Here we have gathered what makes us different

  Allegra Asana Jira Trello Wrike
On premise/SaaS + X + X X
SaaS location Germany + X X X X
Hierarchical processes + + X X +
Hierarchical projects + X X X X
Detailed access control + X X X X
Gantt chart + + X X +
Resource Planning + + X X +
Individual resubmission + X X X X
User interface customizable + X X X X
Operable for non-technicians + + X + +
Converting rate X + + + +
Gitlab integration + X + X X
Jenkins integration + X + X X
SVN integration + X + X X
Workflow Engine + X + X +
Third Party Support X X + + X
Extensibility via APIs + X + X X