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Task Management with RACI matrix

Via a RACI matrix each task has a Responsible, an Accountable and possibly a number of Consulted and Informed. The Responsible has to work on the task, the Accountable is overseeing the work, the optional Consulted people might have to give input to finish the task, and the Informed people might be interested in information from this task to work on their own tasks.

This principle is built into Allegra and allows you to control access permissions and automatic notifications incredibly accurately and flexibly.

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Getting Things Done for Teams

With the Getting Things Done method you classify everything that comes to your attention. You can delegate tasks while keeping an eye on them or mark them for later processing. You can set personal follow-up appointments for each task and postpone tasks for later processing.

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With the help of the web-based Gantt chart you can quickly and easily create a project structure plan that you can keep up to date with little effort throughout the project. With the project management software Allegra you can track project progress in real time, move appointments directly in the diagram and watch how the dependent appointments are automatically moved.

You can have the critical path shown directly to you and compare the current plan with the baseline at any time. You can easily switch between the Gantt representation and eg the task board presentation and thus use the best of the planning-oriented approach and agile project management for you.

Interactive Gatt diagram

Earned Value Method

The Earned Value Method (EVM) helps you to visualize the current time delay and the current additional expenses vis-à-vis the plan at any time. So you can react immediately.


Easy workflow automation

With Allegra you automate your workflows without having to program anything. You create a UML state machine in a graphical workflow editor and do not have to program: automatic reply to e-mails, resubmissions, escalations and approval procedures. The Allegra Task Engine makes it easy for you to automate even complex tasks.

Milestone trend analysis

Allegra shows you early if there are deviations from the baseline. With the practical milestone trend analysis chart and the performance value method, you can precisely and reliably identify where there are difficulties. So you can take countermeasures in time.

Eisenhower principle

Allegra supports you in your task planning with the Eisenhower principle. So you always see right away to whom you should dedicate your time and who not.