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5.2 has been released!

by Sophie Kallenberger (comments: 0)

Neue Releases 5.2.0 und 5.2.2

Many new features of the new release 5.2.0 help you to be even more productive:

  • New workload view to manage the workload of your team members
  • Import Excel, taking into account the process hierarchy, to create complete PSP from your Excel sheets
  • Excel spreadsheets as report templates to easily create custom reports
  • New REST interface to connect external applications with Track +
  • etc.

Read more in our Release Notes for 5.2.0 !

The following release 5.2.2 brings the following improvements:

  • Support for exporting complex wiki tables with combined rows and columns
  • Extended filter options for the area filters
  • Additional permission settings for RACI
  • Integrated German user manual (partly machine-translated)

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