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Automate workflows. Involve teams, customers, and suppliers.
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Project planning


Plan your tasks systematically with the involvement of all concerned.


Delegate tasks to suppliers and employees considering their availability.

Daily Scrum


Put delegated tasks on resubmission and track the status of each task in real time.

task management


Complete the task and automatically inform all concerned.

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Why Allegra?

Allegra is the most powerful task management software on the market. As a result of 15 years of intense engagement with the topic, Allegra offers a unique combination of functionality, methodology and ease-of-use.

Task board for agile task management

How does Allegra help you?

With Allegra task management software you can reach

  • overview and transparency
  • shorter meetings
  • better resource utilization
  • traceability

What makes Allegra so unique?

It's your choice, it's all there:

  • Scrum and Kanban for agile project management
  • Getting Things Done for systematic task categorization
  • Earned value for progress control
  • Gantt chart for easy planning
  • Resources occupancy chart
  • RACI matrix for a unique authorization system
  • UML state diagrams for workflow definitions

and packed in such a way that you can use it intuitively!

Task management with RACI

Through RACI, each process has a Responsible, an Accountable and possibly a number of consultants and informers. This allows you to control access permissions and automatic notifications incredibly accurately and flexibly.

Automate workflows

With Allegra you automate your workflows without having to program anything. Automatically reply to e-mails, reminders, escalations and approval procedures: the graphical workflow editor and the Allegra Task Engine make it easy for you to automate even complex tasks.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done for teams

With the Getting Things Done method you classify everything that arrives with you. For example, you can set a personal follow-up appointment for each task, and your colleague a completely different one. You delegate actions and still keep an eye on them, even if you are no longer the processor.

Task management software on the road

xFor on-the-go task management - with your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. Mobile access to project data promotes team collaboration, even when team members are not on-site. The mobile app Teamgeist is free. Task management is fun with this task management software.

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