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Boost your Team's Productivity

Organize your projects and daily work in workspaces.
Delegate tasks and follow up on them.
Get reminded of due items.
Observe work progress in real-time.
Quickly identify hot-spots and bottle necks.

Replace Excel for Management

Still using large Excel sheets to manage your tasks and teams? Mailing them around? Storing them on a server where everybody can see them either completely or not at all? Not being able to track who has changed them and how?

Move to another level of productivity! Import from Excel and export to Excel. Control exactly who can see and modify what kind of information. Track all kind of changes. Make sure everybody has the same version. Manage your audit sheets, meeting agendas, meeting protocols, incoming sales requests, to-do lists, and project plans. Go for the most complete and versatile solution available!


Manage your Audits & Meetings

Create audit plans and audit protocols. Follow up on all issues. Or quickly pull together a meeting agenda from a list of topics. Distribute the minutes of meetings and tasks directly to those involved.

project management software

Amazingly customizable

Whatever you can imagine in task management, Track+ will do it. Track+ is highly customizable, and adapting it to your needs is easy. Customize your item types, input masks, item attributes, automail forms, report templates, and workflows to fit your process. Integrate it into your existing IT landscape via its extensive webservice interface.


For small Teams and large Enterprises

You have a large project? You have many teams? You have a lot of different locations?

Organize everything in hierarchical workspaces. For example, create a workspace for Europe, one for Asia, one for America. Underneath create a workspace for each country. Below each country create a workspace for each state.

Or create a workspace for system development, and underneath one for hardware, one for mechanics, one for software. Or create a workspace for each product family, and underneath for each product.

Track+ is great if you just have to support a few projects and people. But you can be sure that you will never outgrow Track+.

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