Workflow Automation

Execute actions based on time or content

Simple workflow automation

The Allegra workflow engine is almost infinitely flexible when it comes to automating standard processes. You can precisely map your processes as a state machine, control external components such as ERP, CRM or test systems, or react to external controls.

You can do a lot without programming knowledge in the graphical workflow editor. If things get complicated, you can do practically anything with the help of Groovy scripts.


Triggers and escalations

The Allegra workflow engine supports you with automatic triggers and escalations. You can easily map service level agreements and never let your customers wait long for an answer.



With Guards, you can control who can do what in the workflow. For example, you can map a release process or check whether conditions inside and outside the system were met before a change of state. Standard guards are the roles and attribute values ​​that can be checked. You can implement more complex conditions with Groovy scripts.


You can perform actions with every state transfer. You can change the responsible person, send an email, block the process against processing or transfer   data to external systems.

Many actions are already built in and can be easily selected. If that's not enough, you can run scripts to do just about anything you can imagine.