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Track+ is now Allegro.

A new name for the next chapter of our story.

Manage projects successfully

Plan optimal utilization of your resources. Follow the project ­ status in real time.
Involve your team and your boss in the project ­ management.



Follow all tasks

Manage projects, customer ­ requests, suggestions for improvement, open points and bugs in one place. Replace your Excel spreadsheets, Sharepoint programs and Jira with something that inspires everyone.



Make your projects agile

Accelerate your projects with Scrum and Kanban. Therewith you do not only make your software developers happy, but also all collaborators.



Involve customers

Provide your customers with an easy-to-use service interface and keep them up to date. Involve your suppliers in the project ­ management.



Why Allegro?

Allegro task management software is the most powerful system of its kind. There will be no nasty surprises as your needs expand.

With Allegro, you can involve your customers and suppliers in project management without expensive licensing costs.

Allegro is not just for nerds. Anybody can use it, from laymen to experts. As a software developer you will love Allegro, as you will have a fully-featured issue tracking system and Scrum tool integrated with Gitlab for CI.

And we help you with the introduction and provide a superior support.

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State-of-the-Art Project Management

With the Allegro project management software, you determine the methods you want to work with. Personal task management with the Getting Things Done method, RACI matrices, V-model, Kanban, Scrum and classic Gantt charts and resource planning: It's all there. With the concept of "project types" and "perspectives", the project management software Allegro is a powerful tool for any kind of modern product development process. From requirements management to product support: you can cover the entire lifecycle.


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With Allegro you automate your workflows without having to program anything. Automatically reply to e-mails, get reminders, start escalations and approval procedures: the graphical workflow editor and the Allegro task engine make it easy for you to automate even complex tasks.


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Perfect for Software Developers

As a software developer, Allegro is a top tool that is superior to Jira in many ways. Integration with Gitlab, Jenkins, Eclipse, Git, Subversion, and other open source tools not only gives you a superb project management software, but a tool chain that covers the entire development cycle. For security-relevant developments and embedded systems development, Allegro is the first choice.


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Better than Excel-Sheets

If you've been trying to master your daily team tasks and projects with Excel spreadsheets, you'll love Allegro. Simply import your old sheets by drag and drop and be amazed at the benefits of this task management software and project management tool.

All team members are always informed in real time and have an identical view. You can control the access to all information with fine granularity. Nobody gets bothered with messages that do not interest him. You can automate many things via workflows. You achieve a pleasant transparency and accelerate your processes.


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Prices Self Hosting



  • Up to 5 users
  • Task management
  • Scrum / Kanban complete
  • Issue Tracking
  • Cockpits
  • Community support


15,00 user/month

  • All Starter features
  • Workflow engine
  • Gitlab integration
  • Reporting engine
  • Project portfolios
  • Premium support


25,00 user/month

  • Alle Professional features
  • Wiki/document management
  • Gantt+ ressource planing
  • Client user licenses
  • Optional SaaS
  • Premium support + 3h onboarding