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For project managers

For any kind of project. For small and large teams.

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For developers

For scalable agile development projects in all industries.

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For your customers

As a service interface to support your customers

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For all managers

For more transparency and better collaboration.

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Better collaboration with Allegra

Classic and agile project and task management for small and large teams.

Project management

For almost every kind of project. Everyone in the team sees and processes their tasks.

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Software development

A complete tool chain for agile and classic software development projects.

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Task management

With "Getting Things Done", RACI, and Eisenhower prin­ciple: Better collaboration.

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For satisfied customers an easy-to-use service interface.

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Issue Tracking

For complete issue tracking with configurable input screens.

Continuous Integration

With Git and Gitlab integration for a complete CI solution.

Requirements management

For the coordination and docu­men­tation of require­ments and sugges­tions for improvement.

Complaint management

For an efficient and transparent handling of customer complaints

Embedded Systems development

To completely support the development process for Embedded Systems.

Product management

Collect, evaluate and arrange requirements with connection to the development.

Technical sales

For the transparent handling of customer inquiries and orders.

Workflow management

Automated approval and support processes for greater efficiency

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